Unique Programs

We design specialised workshops in-house based on the latest technologies focused to educate and boost interest in innovation.

Expert Mentors

Our chosen program directors and mentors are industry leaders in aerospace, robotics, computer science and engineering fields.

Tailored Solutions

We offer the possibility to customise programs adaptive to the corresponding learning objectives of colleges, schools and startup incubators.

Product Technology

Problem Solving

STEM Learning



Team Building


Over 50 Courses to Choose From

Our workshops are packed with powerful academic principles as well as provide virtual hands-on experience in areas like Electronics, Automation, IoT, Drones, Robots and Software -- skills that are invaluable in Entrepreneurship, Aerospace, Robotics, Computer Science and Engineering fields.

These are collaborative sessions in which program coordinators work together with learners to develop problem-solving and team-building skills along with academic learning.


How we can help you?

Infrolabs is an initiative for building the 21st century skillset by introducing students to new technologies in aerospace, robotics, computer science and engineering fields.


Our trained program coordinators deliver in-school or after-school workshops

Teacher Training Camps

We organise 15-day training camps for International as well as local school faculties in Madrid, Spain.


We build makerspaces in schools, colleges and co-working areas that are apt for applications from STEM workshops to industrial product prototyping.

Advisory and Program Licensing

We provide remote consulting sessions, content licensing and hardware sourcing options, tailored for your organisation.


An Infrolabs Hackathon is a day long event where people come together to find product solutions.

Infrolabs Academy

As a subsidiary of Infrolabs Learning, academy offers full-time/ part-time courses and summer camps.

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